• I support individuals who feel trapped, playing a role or longing for more to connect with their true selves and make their dream a reality.

    - Do you want more from life even when you already have it all ?
    - Do you long for meaningful connections ?
    - Do you have a dream that needs to be fulfilled while you can?


    I offer the success formula of the Mental Fitness Program (from Positive Intelligence by S. Chamine, Stanford lecturer) combined with coaching.


    Together we will identify the voices in your head, clarify values and goals so you can powerfully move forward in alignment with who you really are.
    Sometimes we play a role to be accepted, loved by our family and society. But when this role is not aligned with our authentic self, we suffer. Here is your opportunity to brake free of the mold you built years ago and may no longer suit you, to give birth to your true story!




    The success formula is the combination of the Mental Fitness (MF) 

    program with coaching.

    Success Formula

    After training with Shirzad Chamine, a Stanford lecturer with a comprehensive 500k global research study, I can show you how to significantly increase you overall happiness and productivity starting on just over 6-week time.

    No risk / Money Back Guarantee

    If you commit to doing the success formula as it was designed and if you are not completely satisfied with the outcome, I will refund your entire investment.


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  • WHO AM I?

    I am the Founder and Director of Phoenix Coaching a Boutique for exceptionally courageous individuals who are hungry to lead a meaningful happy life. I am an affiliated member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as Associate Certified Coach (ACC). I hold a certification as a CPCC – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach – from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). I'm also trained as a Cross-Cultural and Positive Intelligence Coach.

    I hold a Bachelor's degree in General Management.

    I have lived in several countries and worked for different companies: Phoenix Coaching and Little Lives in Singapore, Boulangeries PAUL in the US, Accenture and Nestlé in Mexico City.

    I did volunteer work, coaching individuals who are dealing with critical work moments.





    Here is what some of my awesome clients say about my coaching:

    Arjuna Raj

    COO at Little Lives, Inc.

    Natalia has been instrumental in promoting personal and professional growth in our team. She effectively conducted career coaching sessions for over 100 hours for 15 employees across four offices, including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. Meeting her once a month is definitely something the team looks forward to. Her ability to guide and inspire allowed the staff to achieve their own personal and career goals. Her sessions are conducted in a respectful and powerful manner, and has successfully allowed the team to achieve a greater level of insight into their own growth. I will highly recommend Natalia to any company looking for a career coach to guide and develop their junior to mid management staff.

    Sarah Thomas

    Head of Primary at GESS

      I was skeptical about the concept of life coaching, assuming that I "could handle it"; yet, after the very first session, I felt something new and different happening. After eight sessions, I can honestly say that I have a different outlook on life in a fundamental way: more grounded, more capable of stepping back and taking the long view, and more inclined to give credit where it is due, including to myself! Natalia possesses a rare combination of sharp brains and keen intuition, which she applies in a delicate balance to help a person find his or her own way. She's deeply empathetic, but at the same time, pulls no punches, and accepts no deception. I learned to access vision and skills I didn't know I had, and feel that this is, as I say, permanent - I cannot "unlearn" it now. I recommend Natalia highly to anyone who is prepared to do a little soul-searching, and is ready to be guided with high intelligence, sensitivity, humor and love.